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LED Lighting

We supply & install energy efficient commercial and industrial LED lighting systems across London and the South of England.

LED Lighting

We supply & install energy efficient commercial and industrial LED lighting systems across London and the South of England.

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Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

We are specialised lighting installation contractors – Saving our customers 80-90% of  their lighting energy. We offer bright white LED lighting with a 10 Year+ lamp lifetime for energy efficient lighting solutions for datacentres, factories, workshops & large industrial buildings.

Redefine your workspace with our extensive range of LED lighting solutions for your work space.

Redefine your workspace with our extensive range of commercial LED lighting for work spaces that include offices, schools, factories, warehouses and more.

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Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction

Areas of Lighting We Cover

Office LED Lighting Solutions

Create a lighting atmosphere in your workplace that supports individuality and creativity with our range of LED lighting. LED lighting in offices is not only energy efficient.

But extremely practical as it can also help benefit your employers too, and if the satisfaction of employees increases, this, in turn, leaves to better work performance.

Choosing LED office ceiling lighting can be extremely beneficial to your business due to many reasons, the first being down to uninterrupted brighter light that helps with staff productivity.

Not only that, but there are monetary benefits to you too. LED lights generally last 25 times longer and use nearly three-quarters less energy, not only will you save money on the lights themselves, but the maintenance costs too.

By installing LED lights you can reduce the carbon footprint of your business, all the while basking in the natural looking light they emit, providing an excellent working atmosphere for any office.

The benefits of the right office lamps and lighting are broad and wide ranging, so let Redred help your business develop with our range of high quality and professional lighting fixtures all at competitive prices.

If you need any help deciding on which lights will be best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Decrease costs and improve safety with our range of commercial and industrial LED lighting that is designed to provide powerful, long-lasting illumination,

LED lighting is ideal for warehouses, high-bays, and low bays too.

Not only will this wide range of industrial LED lighting be incredibly energy saving, but they’ll cost you less to run and replace too. Make the right choice for business and shop the expert lights we have on offer below.

LED lighting might be the more expensive choice upfront, but thinking about it, in the long run, makes much more financial sense, as they’re cheaper to run and last much longer too.

There are many more benefits to industrial LED lighting too, including safety and energy output.

Health and safety are of vital importance to any job, especially the industrial sector, and with LED lighting you can guarantee a better quality of light, helping ensure that all corners are well light and no dark areas can be found.

As well as this, LED bulbs give off 90% less heat than most incandescent bulbs, so not only will you get better lighting but you’ll increase the comfort for your workers, which will no doubt in turn boost productivity in the workplace too.

For places of work where there are long hours, like the industrial sector, LED lighting is the perfect option, not just because they produce less heat, but they’re much more cost effective to run too. They typically have more than 25,000 hours of usage so you’ll not only save money on replacing the bulbs but the maintenance costs involved too. They’re beneficial to the carbon footprint of your business too, helping you go that little bit greener.

Inefficient light bulbs are said to be slowly being phased out by the government, so there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

If you’re looking for industrial lighting that will improve the safety of your business, as well as save your money on running costs and maintenance, our range of industrial LED lighting is the perfect answer.

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts who are on hand to provide advice.

School LED Lighting Solutions

School lighting can account for more than half of a school’s electricity use, so choosing the right energy-efficient fixtures is the answer to ensuring that you get the most for your money.

Investing in LED lighting for schools is one of the fastest ways you can cut down on electrical consumption, as well as counteract the rise in energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Not only can energy-efficient light make an impact on school costs, but it can also improve the learning environment.

Contact Rered today to learn more.

Classroom LED Lighting Solutions

The shocking realisation that more than 50% of school’s electricity bill is due to lighting might be enough to reiterate that LED lighting for schools is imperative to a schools budget.

LED is the best option moving forward and for many more reasons that just saving money too.

LED is the standout choice for school lighting for numerous reasons.

Cost savings can be huge: One of the easiest benefits to see is the cost savings. Whilst they may cost you initially to install, once they’re in you’ll soon reap the rewards. Choosing to switch from incandescent, fluorescent and other traditional lighting to LED can generally save up to 80-90% of the operating costs associated with lighting. Tight school budgets mean that this money saved can be used elsewhere in the school.

Safety with LED: LED lighting for school is a much safer option because LED lights produce less heat than other forms of lighting. The lower heat output ensures there’s less chance of a fire being started. Also, many LED fixtures aren’t made from glass like both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, so if one were to break there’s less chance of children hurting themselves.

Improved working conditions: Having an environment with brighter and better quality light has shown that adolescents and children can be more respectful, so choosing LED light will make the classrooms seem more modern and up to date, as well as having children who want to learn.

These lights won’t flicker either, which can cause a huge distraction for some students, and may even cause headaches, nausea and a reduction in motivation to work.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out what we can do for you and your school.

Factory LED Lighting Solutions

Choosing the right factory lighting can be time-consuming and confusing, but we have the experience to guarantee you make the right lighting choices.

With efficiency and the safety of your workers at the forefront of our minds, we know that LED factory lighting will be the best choice in the majority of situations. We offer a range of competitively priced LED lights that can help you to save money on your electricity costs.

Factory LED Ceiling Lights

With everything from cost effectiveness, carbon footprint, quality of light and health and safety, the benefits of installing LED factory lighting is endless.

Something to consider for your business today.

Of course, there are many things for you to consider, the building size, the ceiling height, how often certain areas are frequented and how much natural daylight is available, but choosing the right factory lighting can make a big difference not only to your electricity bills but your staff productivity too.

It’s important to consider the level of lighting that will be needed in your factory, as you want an even distribution of light over your space. Dark areas in the internal space are a health and safety hazard, so choose LED lights that have a lens positioned in front of them to spread the light and simulate a unidirectional light source. Another thing to consider is whether or not the lights will be easily accessible if you need to clean them frequently of dirt and debris. Some factories, like metal casting and wood workshops, can cause a good amount of dust, and this can affect how the LED light runs, so if you will be cleaning them frequently with jet washes or something similar, the correct IP rating will need to be considered.

But now to the positives of installing LED factory lights, because they typically have a lifespan of 50,000 hours plus, you’ll decrease the maintenance costs and it won’t cause disruption to your workplace either.

If your factory is a cold or freezing environment LED lighting is a good solution because they can perform particularly well in these environments. As well as this they contain no glass which is ideal for food or pharmaceutical processing areas as it reduces the risk of contamination, as well as reducing the levels of UV light emitted too which can affect the spoilage rates of some crops.

Rered are here to help with your factory lighting needs.

Hotel LED Lighting Solutions

Welcome your guests with a range of stylish, warm and inviting hotel lights that are both modern and traditional in style.

Choose the fixtures that best suit the style of your interior, and illuminate your inn or resort hotel with high quality and professional fixtures.

Whether you want to instantly catch the eye of your guest or need to line the halls for practicality, we have the light fixtures you need at competitive prices.

Warehouse LED Lighting

We Supply & Install Energy Efficient Warehouse LED Lighting Systems Across England & Wales. Save Up To 80-90% Energy With Warehouse LED Lighting.

Bright White Light – 10 Year+ Lamp Lifetime – Lower Your Lighting Costs – Warehouse LED Lighting UK.

What do we do?

We provide warehouse LED lighting installation services across England & Wales – our solutions include installations & replacement of outdated low bay and high bay light fittings

What types of buildings are suitable for LED warehouse lighting solutions?

This can include (but not limited to):

  • Standard wide aisle warehouse storage facilities
  • Modern VNA racking warehouses
  • Large logistics and distribution centres

Make a statement with our Stylish LED lighting

Due to their high efficiency and directional nature, LED lights are the ideal solution for many commercial and industrial uses. Using LED lights in your business goes far beyond saving money on your electricity bill as well.

We Install & Commission Lighting for:

  • Large Commercial Buildings
  • Warehouse & Storage Buildings
  • Factories & Industrial Sites
  • Logistics Depots
  • Cold & Chilled Stores
  • Sports Halls & Exhibition Centres

We will support you to find the right LED lighting solutions to suit your business needs.


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Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction